Yay yay! Someone has finally found her way again to just blog! 

Hello blogary & tumblr loves! *giggles* Gaah, I totally miss doing this! I’ve let myself lose to being part of everything that I thought I can’t for a good couple of weeks. A decision I won’t ever regret, for I have found a lot of awesome people and experienced a lot of first time events. Well, the only thing that I was sorry for, was not being able to find a time to just seat around the corner and blog about each moment. But because I believe in the saying that goes 'better late  than never' I shall be blogging about them pretty soon. *winks*

So, good morning/afternoon/night for now lovely people of tumblr! 

PS: Thank you for those who fancy and followed my inactive blog, for those who tagged me with a lot of tagging games, for those who TA-ed and for those who stayed. Hugs and kisses for you loves. <3

From what school of dentistry are you?
- Anonymous

Hello A, from Misamis University Ozamiz City. Why? :)

{DENTISTRY DIARIES x glimpse of what we do}

People are somehow intrigue about what we, dentistry students do on our clinic duties. Well, just like every other fields, we broaden our knowledge and strengthen our skills. In our case this is done through acquiring loads of clinical experiences with different needs. Clinical experiences are basically about scaling and polishing procedures, tooth restoration, tooth extraction, prosthodontics and more. (see previous entry about our case requirements) The bonus part for everyone? We do every services free of charge. Great, right? :) Now, the part in finding suitable and willing patients for certain cases, especially in prosthodontics, is honestly quite a hurdle. However, with the right amount of courage, determination, and perseverance, it definitely adds up to the challenge of our field.

I wish everything would just be as simple as it all may sound. But things of grand worth are always never easy. Everyday we face various challenges in our course of work. The right procedures to be done, the best kind of treatment to be rendered, explaining the case & the procedures to be carried out to the patient and the things to be done in order to help save what is to be save in the oral cavity, to establishing good clinician & patient relationship, running out of dental supplies, waiting in vain for patients that don’t have the decency to cancel appointments, moody and difficult clinical instructors, these are just some of our day to day clinic struggles. Yet, without all the fuss we wouldn’t be able to appreciate how beautiful a productive day is. The feeling of learning and earning graded charts after working on patients after patients is exactly exhilarating.

Clinical Requirements Update: Finished all seven scaling & polishing procedures, one last class II patient left for tooth restoration out of 8 diff cases, still on going on my complete denture care and now on jaw relation.

Thats all for now and thank you for reading!

See you on my next DD entry which would hopefully be about my first tooth extraction on clinic setting.

Keep smiling and be safe! *winks*\

Much love,



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Life lately x first week of August 

i & ii. Snack between meals with E. Hot chocolate fudge with vanilla ice cream at cafe eduardo is currently my fave go-to snack, it has everything I like so my belly always end up happy. Eubien, on the other hand, who loves to try something different from his usual opt for a mango float, in which he ended up not liking. I love its presentation tho.

iii. Prettiest pair of shoes thrift find so far. Its original price is 250php, charmed, I got it for 180php. Hihi, will surely post an outfit entry wearing this, soon. 

iv. Played with my camera outside and was able to capture the cats photoset which i posted last night. Finding beauty in the normal days is always a welcome whim.

v & vi. The batchoy and beef burger at Carmelas is a must try!! Lunchin’ with Nikki and Yan.

vii.  Early walk with the fambam on weekends + breaky at Mcdo afterwards 

viii. Sporting an awkward pose just bcos. Haha

ix & x. Sister duties. Helped my baby sister in making her brochure project.

Hello, hows every one around here? I hope you all had a lovely month starter as well. =)

Thank you for reading & keep in touch.

Love always,



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After days of being mia, I’m back with these mysterious beauties. 


Saturday Night Spontaneity.

When I thought it was nothing but another lazy, bed weather Saturday, boy, I was wrong. Nikki, one of my close friend invited us over dinner for his brother’s 25th birthday celebration. The venue was at the New Central Restaurant, one of the oldest resto in the city. The rain was pouring that night but it doesn’t stop us from going. 

We met at Rea’s pad and together proceeded to the said resto.The resto was also having their usual eat-all-you-can night which excites my tummy all the more. Upon arriving, Nikki directed us towards the buffet table and joined our table. Everything was really delish. Too bad I wasn’t able to take some snapshots of their mouth-watering food. Well, you can blame my growling belly for that. We ate our food and made sure to finish everything in our plate, too afraid to end up paying double for some left-overs. Haha. Like always, food and good talk with the girls is always a delight.

Annnd, that’s not all. Right after our scrumptious dinner, we went to Gat’s bar courtesy of the birthday boy’s invite.It’s a bar but it also has its exclusive room for dinners and for those who just want to chill but don’t want to drink. We just ordered three plates of french fries and continued our craziness.♥

And that’s about it, thank you for reading!

Love always,



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How old r u?
- Anonymous

Hi, I’m 21. Why? :)

Port Area, Ozamiz City.

Tell me what is wrong with my gums. It's very much swollen. I have this teeth that has a hole in it already and inside it the gum has swollen. Huhu. I'm afraid to go to the dentist because the last time i went she poked it a lot of times and it hurt like hell and then i was telling her that it hurts and then she pushed it with that something with a cotton ball. It hurts seriously! Tell me what to do :( or any options i could do to lessen the swelling. Thanks i will forever be grateful
- Anonymous

Hi A! I’m afraid i can’t really tell what the exact problem is because for one, i haven’t personally seen your case. But base from your statement I suggest the most important thing to do is to get a proper dental cleaning, maybe you could try to get an appointment from another dentist this time. You could ask them about the condition of your teeth and the certain procedures that you’ve to go through in order to save your oral cavity. Try to maintain the health of the gums and teeth as well. Keep the area as clean as possible and rinse your mouth with water daily or you may want to consider using mouthwash once to twice a day but not more often than that.

I hope this somehow help.

PS: You can go off anon A and maybe lets talk more about this. (:

Youre a dentist?
- Anonymous

Hello A, not yet but pretty soon. Good night. Xo.

{DENTISTRY DIARIES x on being the patient} 

One of the perks in taking up dentistry, you get to save money from expensive dental services. Of course, everyone wants to save money, and that includes me. Knowing that my teeth particularly needs some dental care, I made an appointment with one of my super friends Otay. Since both our patients couldn’t make it that afternoon, I asked her instead to do some oral prophylaxis and tooth restoration procedure on my oral cavity. I volunteered to be her patient, to be exact, in which she gladly agreed. 

I had two Class II caries (tooth #26 & #46), with the other tooth (#46) that contained under-filled temporary restoration.

Now given the experienced, of being the one who needs treatment and being the one who needs to be treated, I’am more motivated to do well. Not only in my clinical requirements, but most especially during my lectures.This is for me to be able to give my patients the best diagnosis and treatment plan possible. I know this won’t be easy and would probably take a long time for me to develop this skill, but there’s nothing excellent in this world that would just pop up in seconds. Thus, I’m willing to work and to wait.

Clinical Requirements Update: On-going complete denture (final impression), two class iii restorations, two scaling and polishing procedure and presented my RPD to Dr. Alba, unfortunately, he told me to find another one since it isn’t an ideal case.

That’s about it, loves. See you on my next post! Stay beautiful and be safe.*winks*

Love you always,



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